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Portable 2 Inch Dredge Unit – Gold & Diamond, PACKAGE DEAL !!

R 45,000.00


Small 2 inch portable petrol driven dredge pump. Ideal for gold and diamond dredging.

This small, but tough, portable 2 inch dredging unit, is fitted with a petrol driven pump. It is ideal for both gold and diamond dredging, and can handle solids of up to 20mm. It has a pump capacity of 35 c/m per hour and a tank capacity of 5L. Priming is very quick at only 30 seconds. The suction head is up to 6m, the discharge head from pump is 3m and the average pump capacity is at 30% material. Just because it's a 2 inch pump, does not mean it can't pack a punch, it is extremely powerful for its size. Because of its light weight, it easily fits onto a barge or raft. The unit is very easy to relocate and can easily be carried by one or two people.

The package includes the following:
  • Dredge Pump,
  • Hand prime pump,
  • Sluice box, modular with 6 legs, complete unit,
  • 10 meter suction pipe with nozzle and coupling,
  • 10 Meter discharge pipe with couplings

The unit does not need to be a complete package, and can be sold as either a complete system or on its own. For small, easy jobs, this unit is a winner and a great little addition!! If you need any changes or additional information about this unit, we'll be happy to answer your questions, or help with designs on a custom system.

Maybe you'd like an upgrade from the portable 2 inch dredging unit. Opt for a portable 3 inch, or a portable 4 inch here.

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