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Portable 4 Inch Gold Sluice Box

R 14,500.00

4 inch portable gold sluice box with pumping capacity of 6 tons per hour. 700mm wide with miners moss.

Portable Gold Sluice Box for 4 Inch Pump 

Sluice boxes are specifically designed for sorting out the gold from the gravel as much as possible. In combination with a 4 inch dredge pump, this gold sluice box is capable of pumping up to 6 tons material per hour through the system. With a wider surface area and a mesh size of 18mm, it is perfect for larger nuggets running through the system. This sluice box is ideal for washing gold from rivers, either through hand fed material or when dredging gold with a 4 inch dredge pump.

The portability of the sluice box and the adjustable legs makes it easy to set up the system in the most rugged terrains. For best results, we recommend using a wash plant in combination with the sluice box. It is not a requirement, but it definitely helps for a better, more thorough mining experience. Sort through quarts sized to dust sized gravel.

Included with this unit

  • 2.2m x 700mm aluminium sluice box frame
  • Full length miners moss,
  • Full length raised mesh,
  • A full set of aluminium riffles,
  • Aluminium header tank with coupling,
  • 6 Adjustable legs for perfect set-up.

Our systems are standard but can be custom made to each client's requirements, so let us know what you need. We are here to help with our vast knowledge and background in alluvial mining setups.



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