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Gold Sluice Box for 2 Inch Pump

R 8,000.00

Portable gold sluice box.

Ideal for washing gold from rivers and gold dredging in combination with our 2 inch dredge pump

Complete with the following:

  • 6 Adjustable legs,
  • Header box,
  • Miners moss, full length
  • Mesh screen, full length
  • Riffles, full length

Sluice box can be fed with our 2 inch dredge pump or with buckets / shovels.

Portable Gold Sluice Box for 2 Inch pump

Using sluice boxes is deemed as one of the most practical ways of gold prospecting.
Gold sluice boxes have been around for more than a century. It is still being used today for gold prospecting on modern equipment, albeit a bit more advanced equipment. Ideal for washing gold or dredging gold from rivers, sluice boxes capture fragments or nuggets from placer gravel that is carried by the stream of water running over the sluice, trapping gold in the miner's moss in the bottom of the sluice. The sluice box is not motorised at all, but can be used in combination with a 2 inch dredge pump to feed the gravel, or simply feed it with shovels and/or buckets.

In earlier times sluice boxes were made of wooden boxes. Today, they are constructed from aluminium and ultra lightweight ABS plastics.
Our sluice boxes are aluminium, and they include a metal mesh with metal riffles. It is a non-motorised, free standing unit which is easily relocatable due to its light weight. Not only is it light weight, it is also adjustable by extending or collapsing the legs. The sluice box can also be used in combination with a wash plant.

A recap of what the complete system includes:

  • Adjustable legs
  • Aluminium sluice box frame
  • Aluminium Header box
  • Miners moss
  • A metal mesh screen
  • Metal riffles.


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