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Portable Gold Wash Plant with sluice box

R 140,000.00

Portable wash plant for GOLD dredging in rivers. 

Same unit is suitable and adjustable for the following dredge pumps: 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch.

  • This unit is designed to work on difficult to enter areas, in bush and bruch field.
  • It is completely portable and modular in design, all parts can be carried by hand.
  • This unit is used with our portable 2, 3 and 4 inch dredge units.
  • This unit is used inline with a dredge pump.

Fitted with double screens, and 3 outlets.

  • The 1 st outlet, 2 mm stainless steel screen, outlet is to attach a gold sluice box.
  • The 2 nd outlet, 15 mm stainless steel screen is to capture alluvial gravel containing larger gold and nuggets.
  • The 3 rd outlet is for overburden and discharge from the unit.
Portable Gold Wash Plant with Sluice Box

Use this in-line gold wash plant in rugged terrains such as bushed areas. The gold sluice box legs are adjustable and therefore suitable to accompany the wash plant through these terrains.
The wash plant is fed by a 3 inch dredge pump, depending on your requirements. The rotation of the drum is set to 25RPM and contains two screens inside. A smaller screen of 2mm to sieve through the finer material, and a larger mesh to handle nuggets or quartz up to 15mm. Excess material is pushed all the way through to the end where it can be either discarded or reworked again.

Details of the 3 outlets:

  • 1st outlet - fines, mud, fine gold, sand, etc. The screen is up to 2 mm screen size, and can work with a sluice box that fits under the outlet.
  • 2nd outlet - is for alluvial gravel, larger nuggets, etc. It sorts through material of up to 15 mm in size. From here it can be added to a chain mill or gold pan.
  • The last outlet is for waste removal. Either discard the waste or rework it by adding it to a chain mill.

It is completely portable and modular in design, and all parts can be carried by hand by 4 persons.

Package includes the following:

  • Portable wash plant,
  • 3-inch dredge pump, with total of 30meter suction / delivery hose,
  • hand prime pump,
  • gold sluice box,

Additional equipment:

  • water pump with pipes
  • Hopper feeder with water jets, attaches with 2 bolts to wash plant

If you have any questions about the gold wash plant design, or have any requirements of your own, please send us a list and we will help you. We have extensive background, more than 30 years experience, in the design and manufacture of mining equipment.


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