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Rotating Gold Pan

R 36,000.00

Use for Gold Prospecting – wet or dry processing

Roman Wheel/Rotating Gold Pan/Gold Concentrator

Gold panning does not have to be that tiresome! As technology changes, so do designs and equipment that improve the way we do things. The Roman wheel, also known as a rotating gold pan, or spiral gold pan, is doing just that. Making your life easier. Use the gold pan in dry processing for concentration purposes, and wet processing to work your material down to clean gold. The Roman Wheel is an inward spiral wheel that separates the free gold from the rest of the gravel.

How it works

The rotating gold pan's angle is at about 45 degrees. All dry material is scooped into the bottom part of the spiral, and as the wheel rotates the material runs over the bumps in the spiral, breaking the gravel and gold apart. The alluvial gold collects in the cup in the center of the spiral. After a while remove the cup and either reprocess the alluvial gold through a wet spiral gold pan, which washes the gold further, or make use of a gold detector.

When using it for wet prospecting, the same rule applies. The gold pan can be placed directly in the stream or in a large bucket and fed with a small scoop. As the wheel rotates it carries the black sand and washed pieces of gold all the way into the cup. Carefully wash away the black sand, and all that remains in the end is clean gold.

Details of the Rotating Gold Pan
  • Used as a finisher
  • It will process a maximum of 25 KG per Hour
  • Highly portable
  • 63 Kg
  • Single phase electrical motor

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