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Sand Screen

Price on request. These units are custom build for clients in sand mining areas.

Mobile Sand Screen

The wash plant is totally mobile and towable with an SUV, pick up truck or small truck. Various sizes and pump volume flows are available and the sand screens are completely customisable according to your requirements. The sand screen contains no movable parts and allows you to pump material directly into the screen's header box. Include additional screens, that are interchangeable, and separate the sand and larger material efficiently and effectively. Our sand wash screens are all customisable according to our customer's specification.

Specifications to design includes the following:
  1. Material % been pumped
  2. Water flow from pump, calculated at head, volume and surface required
  3. Pressure at pump outlet
  4. Static head
  5. Area available for stock pipe and water run off.
Advantages of this mobile sand wash screen:
  • Totally mobile, tow with a SUV / Pick-up / small truck
  • Separates sand and larger material fast and effectively
  • Has no moving parts
  • Can pump directly into screen header box.
  • Separates sand and larger material without any moving parts
  • Changeable screen sizes available
  • Includes a standard quick pipe coupler on header box for ease of work
  • Mobile sand Screens are available for various size and pump volume flows
  • Screens are available in stainless steel or reenforced-steel

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