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6 inch Mobile Gold or Alluvial Dredge Pump

6 inch Gold or Alluvial Dredge Pump - Mobile This pump is ideal for dredging alluvial diamond and gold bearing materials from rivers and other areas. It offers excellent material flow of up to 30%. The pump can be road trailer mounted or skid mounted according to your...

4 inch gold or diamond mobile dredge pump

4 inch Gold/Diamond Mobile Dredge Pump Delivery rate about 60 cubic meter per hour, with or without material. Pump can handle all types of material - mainly solids, up to 35 mm diameter. This mobile dredge pump is ideal for gold and diamond recovery. Some of our pumps...

2 Inch Portable Gold Dredge Pump

2 Inch Portable Gold Dredge Pump This pump can be used as a shore dredge pump unit or it can be fitted on a small river barge. This powerful, portable dredge pump, is easily relocatable and fitted to its new surroundings. Specifications of the machine output: Water...


Pulsating Mineral Jig For All Mineral Applications

Pulsating Mineral Jig Effective recovery rate, up to 98% Compact and effective gravel separator Used throughout the world for a wide range of materials For all types of mineral processing applications 500 kg semi-concentrate per hour unit semi-portable This style...

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