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Medium Wash Plant With Sluice Box

R 190,000.00

The larger units, working with our 4 inch pumps.

What you get with this deal:

  • 4 inch portable dredge pump, Diesel driven
  • 30 meter hose, in 5 meter sections, with couplings,
  • Sluice box, modular, 4 meter length,
  • Wash plant with grisly screen, diesel driven.

These are mobile or  semi-permanent units.

Can handle large material, and is fitted with a grisly screen on top to remove large unwanted material.

Excellent gold capture capabilities

Medium Wash Plant and Sluice Box, Semi-Permanent Unit

Complete with a detachable sluice box, this mobile or semi-permanent unit is ready to be set up to start processing material right away. It has excellent gold capture capabilities and is capable of handling large materials. You can set up a 4 inch gold/diamond pump for direct discharge straight into the wash plant. Alternatively, feed the wash plant by bucket or with shovels, or by means of a conveyer belt. Material output for this system is 2-3 tons per hour. We have also added a grisly screen on top to remove large unwanted material. This medium wash plant fits onto a trailer, which makes relocation a lot easier with a pick-up or sedan.

The unit includes:

  • Wash plant / trommel
  • A grisly screen
  • Complete detachable gold sluice box of 4m in length

The unit does not include a dredge pump, water pump or related pipes. Be sure to add these items to your purchase for a complete system. 

For more information on this unit, please send us a message and we'll get in touch as soon as possible. If you have any specific requirements for a wash plant unit, we'll be happy to assist with that as well. We customise our systems to your requirements, but with the highest standards and lowest possible maintenance.

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