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3 Inch Portable Dredge Pump – Alluvial Diamond & Gold

R 68,000.00

Versatile, portable 3 inch dredge pump.

Including the following:

  • 3 Inch dredge pump
  • Diesel engine
  • Fan belt set.
  • Hand prime pump

2 persons to carry entire unit in 2 sections.

Fast set-up – 5 minutes

Prime within 3 minutes

Versatile, 3 inch portable dredge pump.

With a fast set-up time of 5 minutes, and only 3 minutes for priming, you are set to start dredging right away. It's easy to move around as it weighs only 65kg, enough for 2 people to carry at a time as it can be carried in two sections. Both the pump and the engine have handles which makes transporting it easier. The pump has a diesel engine with a tank capacity of 7L. The capacity op the pump runs at 40c/m per hour and handles gravel or solids up to 30mm in size.

Because of our engineering background, the mechanics is state-of-the-art, yet the equipment is robust and simple to use. This is a low maintenance, high volume production pump, passing up to 30mm solids through the pump. It is low on fuel consumption while effectively dredging all types of material, including sand, gravel, alluvial gold and alluvial diamond gravel among others.

The setup includes the following:
  • 3 Inch 10H/P dredge pump
  • Diesel engine
  • Fan belt set.
  • Hand prime pump,
  • Double Fan Belt

Combine the dredge pump with a sluice box. For more videos on our dredge pumps and other equipment, visit our YouTube Channel, or join us on Facebook.

If you need a custom pump, we can help with the design, manufacturing and export.

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