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Sluice Box For 3 Inch Pump

R 15,500.00

Portable gold sluice box.

Ideal for washing gold from rivers and gold dredging in combination with our 3 inch dredge pump

Complete with the following:

  • 6 Adjustable legs,
  • Header box,
  • Miners moss, full length
  • Mesh screen, full length
  • Riffles, full length

Sluice box can be fed with our 3 inch dredge pump or with buckets / shovels.

Portable gold sluice box for a 3 inch dredge pump

Sluice boxes are ideal additions to any river gold dredging setup. Our systems are fairly easy to assemble and very easy to use. The aluminium constructed sluice box can fit a 3 inch dredge pump or a 3 inch water pump. The miners moss is covered by a 13mm aluminium mesh screen, with aluminium riffles. Perfect for catching and keeping gold from placer gravel. It is a highly portable system with 6 adjustable legs, making it easy to set it up in all terrains. This piece of equipment has an output capacity of up to 4 tons per/hour with the 3 inch dredge pump, or a waterflow of 40 cubic meters per hour with our 3 inch diesel operated water pump. Materials run directly through the header box which is either fed by the dredge pump or with shovels and buckets.

System setup:

  • 2.2m x 450mm aluminium sluice box
  • 6 Adjustable legs,
  • Aluminium Header box,
  • Miners moss, full length
  • Aluminium Mesh screen, full length
  • Aluminium Riffles, full length

The system does not include any pipes, the 3 inch dredge pump or the 3 inch water pump. Please make sure to include those in your order.

We have extensive knowledge surrounding gold mining equipment and development and we'll be more than happy to help you with a new system or design. We supply gold mining equipment worldwide so all enquiries are welcome.

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