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8-inch alluvial dredge pump

R 358,000.00

8 inch mobile dredging unit, powered by a powerful 6 cylinder air-cooled diesel engine, which is used for both gold or alluvial diamond bearing gravel dredging. The unit is a complete setup, fitted onto a skid frame, making it a shore based or river barge dredge pump, designed to move serious material. With a pump capacity of 220 c/m/p/h, this pump can dredge through gravel smaller than 80mm in size. The complete system weighs about 1920kg.

Priming the pump is quick and takes about 2 minutes. The minimum suction length is 10m [2 x 6 inch inlets] and max suction is 40 meter, with a discharge distance up to 30 meter, pump head from pump of up to 5m. The average pumped flow rate density is about 30%.

What does it include?

  • Complete pump and diesel engine configuration, trailer mounted,
  • Includes a 100L fuel tank,
  • All electrical systems, Including Start / Stop and an hour meter,
  • Complete prime unit with calve control,
  • It also includes a battery, however, this is only for South Africa and does not support export to other countries.

Because it is such an extremely powerful pump, it is one of the best for both gold mining and diamond gravel recovery.

Countries like: Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, DRC Congo, Nome Alaska and other African countries. uses this pump for gold dredging, whereas, for Alluvial diamond gravel recovery in rivers, this pump is mainly used in Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and other African countries.
It has great versatility and is a must for any gold or alluvial dredging setup, and can handle materials of up to 60 mm solids, sand, mud, clay, gravel, etc.

We have vast knowledge about different dredging areas, especially through rough countries like Africa. We are fully equipped to help you design a system suitable for your environment, no matter where you are. From design to supply, we can do it all.

This powerful 8-inch mobile dredging unit is the most popular option throughout Africa. Combine it with a wash plant or a sluice box and get the most out of your system.

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