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Reef Dive Boots

5 mm dive boots with ankle zipper and hard wearing soles

Reef Dive Boots

Great for grip and perfect extra wear soles, these Reef dive boots are a great addition to your dive gear.

Standard Dive Boot

This a 5mm double nylon II Neoprene dive boot with a rubber toe cap, heal and HD sole. Great for protection against the elements! It also has a standard YKK Type #10 zipper on the side for convenience.

Deluxe Dive Boot

This is also a 5mm double nylon II Neoprene dive boot. It, too, has a rubber toe cap and heal, but includes an inside YKK zipper with a V-Cuff and a velcro zip tab for a better, more secure fit. These dive boots also has a reinforced fin tab. What is great about the sole is that it has a contour cut that lessens the strain on your foot muscles as you dive. Use this boot when longer diving times in rougher terrains are required.

These boots are available in all sizes.

We have wetsuits and gloves available for you to check out as well! Please be sure to enquire about stock availability before purchasing as we do not carry stock in-house. If you are interested in an alternative brand, feel free to send us your request.

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