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Reef Dive Mask

R 600.00

Silicone or compressed neoprene

Various designs and shapes, 2 lens or full glass

Various colours

Reef S-View Dive Mask

The S-View dive mask has a single tempered glass lens that allows you to better view your surroundings. it lets more light in and increases your vision. It has high-density silicone mouldings that fit snuggly around your face - suitable for all faces. The benefit of this Reef dive mask is that the silicone moulding surrounds the glass, so there is no plastic framing. This makes the dive mask much lighter and more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. There is also less pressure while diving due to its low volume silicone skirt. No need to struggle while diving, because the dive mask has a foldable buckle connector and a quick adjusting push buckle system for quick and easy adjustment.

This specific mask is available in black and clear silicone mouldings.

We also offer various other designs and shapes of dive masks, such as both 2 lens or full glass masks, if this is not what you need. We also offer wetsuits, gloves and boots to add to your kit which you can view here. Please be sure to ask about stock before placing an order as we do not carry stock in-house. We can help set up a kit for you that includes dive compressors, pipes and nozzles as well. Please let us know if you would like us to assist.


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