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Pulsating Jig / Pan American Diamond Jig

R 220,000.00

Pulsating mineral jig

Effective recovery rate, up to 98%


Pulsating Mineral Jig

A very effective system, and has a impressive recovery rate of up to 98%. It is a compact gravity separator, and is used throughout the world for all types of mineral processing applications, including gold, diamonds, tantalum, silver, platinum, garnet, rubies and sulphides. The pulsating jig is a semi-portable, semi-concentrate 500kg per hour unit. It is a dual purpose system which means it has tubs underneath that collects fine gold sinking down, along with collecting nuggets at the top. The riffles frame is detachable making access to processed minerals easier. The moving parts of the jig is a simple and robust as possible, making this a very touch, low maintenance, high performing piece of equipment. Use a gold detector for quicker sorting through the processed gravel, or make use of a chain mill instead, depending on your processing requirements.

Unit consists of the following:

  • Complete pulsating jig
  • 2 Inch Petrol or diesel water pump
  • 10 meter suction pipe with strainer and couplings (longer pipe can be ordered)
  • 10 meter discharge pipe, lay-flat type, with couplings

Plant description:

  • Ideal to recover gems, diamonds and larger gold
  • Creating super concentrate and increases production on site
  • 4 Adjustable legs for setting unit 100% level
  • Petrol driven with special reduction gearbox
  • 3 Screens, Flatten mesh, 1.5 mm stainless steel screen and raised riffle mesh
  • Filling hopper
  • Waste outlet
  • Flow control valve
  • 2 bowls with water feeding points
  • 2 drain outlets that goes into a water bucket (collecting fine gold)

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